Organic, Cage Free, Egg Lands

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000022Cage Free Large Loose 1/2 15/1 Doz
000028Cage Free Large Loose Wht 30dz30/1 Doz
000029Farmer Hen Large Ctn Free Range 1/215/1 Doz
000084Cage Free Medium Loose Wht 1/215/1 Doz
000137Alderfer Large Paper Ctn Org 1/215/1 Doz
000174Puglisi Large Organic 1/2 Hfac15/1 Doz
000175Puglisi Medium Organic 1/2 Hfac15/1 Doz
000209Greenway Free Range Large Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
002218Egg-Land's Extra Large Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
002219Egg-Land's Large Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
002220Egg-Land's Large 18 Pk 1/210/1.5 Doz

White Eggs

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000088Puglisi Jumbo Ctn 1/212/1 Doz
000093Puglisi Large 6 Pk 1/230/6 Pk
000100Double Yolk Loose Wht16/dozen
000101Double Yolk Ctn 20 Doz20/1 Doz
000105Super Jumbo Loose Wht16/dozen
000111Puglisi Jumbo Ctn 2424/1 Doz
000115Extra Large Loose 3030/1 Doz
000116Extra Large Loose 1/215/1 Doz
000118Puglisi Extra Large Ctn 3030/1 Doz
000119Puglisi Extra Large Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
000121Puglisi Extra Large Paper Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
000122Puglisi Large Paper Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
000125Large Loose 3030/dozen
000126Large Loose 1/215/dozen
000127Puglisi Large Ctn 3030/1 Doz
000128Puglisi Large Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
000132Puglisi Large 18 Pk 3020/1.5 Doz
000136Puglisi Large 6 Pk 3060/6 Pk
000138Puglisi Large 18 Pack10/1.5 Doz
000140Medium Loose 3030/dozen
000141Medium Loose 1/215/dozen
000144Puglisi Medium Ctn 3030/1 Doz
000145Puglisi Medium Ctn 1/215/1 Doz
000150Pullet Loose 3030/dozen
000152Puglisi Pullet Overwrap12/2.5 Doz

Brown Eggs

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000106Super Jumbo Loose Brown16/dozen
000214Puglisi Jumbo Ctn Brown 1/212/1 Doz
000215Puglisi Jumbo Ctn Brown 2424/1 Doz
000228Pullet Loose Brown30/dozen
000230Puglisi Extra Large Ctn Brown 3030/1 Doz
000231Extra Large Loose Brown 3030/dozen
000235Puglisi Extra Large Ctn Brn 1/215/1 Doz

Egg Products

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000300Frozen Whole Eggs1/30 Lb
000302Express Egg Patties144/1.75 Oz
000305Angel Whites High Whip 30 Lb1/30 Lb
000307Liquid Egg Whites15/2 Lb
000311Scramble Egg Mix Boil-N-Bag 6/56/5 Lb
000322Sugar Yolks 30 Lb Pail1/30 Lb
000325Angel White 6/5 Lb6/5 Lb
000326Sugar Yolks 6/5 Lb6/5 Lb
000328Table Ready Liquid15/2 Lb
000330Hard Boiled Eggs 10 Lb Square1/10 Lb
000336Hard Boiled Eggs 20 Lb1/20 Lb
001243Better N Egg12/2 Lb
001272Hard Boiled Eggs Pillow Pack 4/54/5lb

Egg Packaging Products

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
0004152x6 Jumbo Stock Pulp 200 Bdl1/200 Bdl
0004202x6 Ex Large Stock Pulp 250 Bdl1/250 Bdl
0004252x6 Large Stock Pulp 250 Bdl1/250 Bdl
0004302x6 Super Jumbo Stock Pulp 230 Bdl1/230 Bdl
000455Turkey Flat1/130 Bdl
000465Regular 5x6 Pulp Flats1/120 Bdl
001021Empty Egg Cases 25/Bdl.1/25 Bdl
001022Empty Half Egg Cases 25/Bdl.1/25 Bdl

Bacon, Sausage & Provisions


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000155Pork Sausage Chubs 31112/10 Lb
0002692 Oz Pre Ckd Saus Patty 74580/2 Oz
000388Large Link Raw Sausage 30502/10 Lb
0015831 Oz Pre Ckd Saus Links 505160/1 Oz
0016941.75 Oz Pre Ckd Saus Links 53090/1.75 Oz
001709Turkey Sausage Patty 018733107/1.5 Oz

Pork & Ham

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000266Hatfield Pork Roll 32383/pieces
000382Diced Ham 3/8" Frozen 1/10 Lb
000506Taylor Pork Roll 1.58/1.5 Lb
000507Taylor 9 Lb Thin Slice Pork Roll 24/8 Slice
000509Taylor 9 Lb Thick Slice Pork Roll24/4 Slice
000514Taylor Pork Roll2/6 Lb
000521Taylor 3 Lb Pork Roll4/3 Lb
000522Trenton 9 Lb Pork Roll Sliced24/8 Slice
001025Salami Genoa3/6# Avg.
001270Canadian Ham #22613/2 Lb Av
001283Football Ham #22474/11-13 #
001284#2259 Hatfield Breakfast Ham2/pc
001287Cvf 10% Cooked Ham 24482/pieces
001821Trenton Pork Roll2/6 Lb


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
001279Bacon Topping Cooked #64071/10 Lb
001282Hatf Hotel Bacon 16-18 Ct 22081/15 Lb
001288Hatfield Layout Bacon 22291/15 Lb
001289Hatfield Slice Slab Bacon 22231/15 Lb
001746Heat-N-Serve Bacon #334201/300 Sl
002198Turkey Bacon 16 Ct 2/5 Lb 1/10 Lb

Beef Products

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
001722Beef Patties 3:1 Flat 5.3 Oz1/10 Lb
001723Beef Patties 8 Oz B-2 Special1/10 Lb

Hot Dogs

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
002137Hot Dog Beef & Pork 8:1 6"#1131/10 Lb
002138Hot Dog Beef & Pork 4:1 7"#1101/10 Lb

Frozen Foods

Misc. Frozen

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000157Wing Ding Breaded1/15 Lb
000158Wraps Plain White6/12 Pk
000283Frozen Hash Brown Patties 24/10ct24/10 Ct
000289Biscuits Buttermilk100/2.25
0002904201 Chicken Breast W/Grill Fc40/4 Oz
000295English Muffins Original6/12 Pack
000453Blueberries I.Q.F. Frozen1/30 Lb
001247Mozzarella Sticks Breaded6/4 Lb
001370Simplot Classic Home Fries6/5 Lb
001378Chunky Potato Cubes6/5 Lb
001379Straight Cut French Fries6/5 Lb
001662Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate12/32 Oz
002111#5154 Brd. Nat. Chicken Fillet40/4 Oz
002129#5367 J Crumb Tenders1/10 Lb
002171Crinkle Cut Fry 3/86/5 Lb

Frozen Vegetables

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000285Frozen Mixed Vegetables12/2.5 Lb
000288Frozen Chopped Spinach12/3 Lb
000293Frozen Green Peas12/2.5 Lb
001159Frozen Regular Cut Green Beans12/2 Lb
001161Frozen Broccoli Florets12/2 Lb
001403Frozen Chopped Broccoli Bulk1/20 Lb
001559Frozen Whole Baby Carrots12/2 Lb
001560Frozen Cut Corn12/2.5 Lb
001569Frozen Leaf Spinach12/3 Lb

Frozen Seafood

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000459Frozen Shrimp Basket12/8 Oz
001376Frozen Iqf 4 Oz Flounder Bread1/10 Lb
0030103 Oz Sliced Nova Salmon12/3 Oz
003011Sliced Nova Norw.Salmon Board2/3 Lb
0030135 Lb Nova Salmon Bits1/5 Lb

Breading & Batters

Dry Goods

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000182Japanese Style Bread Crumbs1/25 Lb
000194Fine Cracker Meal1/25 Lb
000216Gen Mills White Corn Grits8/5 Lb
000219Sugar P.C. Packets2000/packs
000222Sugar 25 Lb Bag1/25 Lb
000223Sugar 50 Lb Bag1/50 Lb
000226Gen Mills Corn Muffin Mix6/5 Lb
000247Salt Bulk 50 Lb1/50 Lb
000319Lipton Tea #29110/100
000320Lipton Decafe Tea #2906/72 Pack
000321Lipton Brew Iced Tea Bags #2834/24
000324Apple Sauce White House6/#10 Can
000597Salt P.C. Packets3000/packets
000598Pepper P.C. Packets3000/packets
000604Plain Bread Crumbs6/5 Lb
000726Equal P.C. Packets2000/1 Gram
000821Sweet N Low P.C. Packets2000/packets
000850Bury Saltines500/2 Pack
000952Mustard Deli Style4/1 Gal
000958Dusseldorf Mustard4/1 Gal
001049Salt Shakers (Almond)48/4 Oz
001050Pepper Shakers (Toast)48/1.5 Oz
001082French's Spicy Mustard 4/14/1 Gal
001087Salt Rounds Plain24/26 Oz
001089Modern M Pancake Base 50 Lb Bag1/50 Lb
001140Krusteaz Buckwheat Pancake Mix6/5 Lb
001212Oyster Crackers150/packs
001216Seasoned Croutons4/2.5 Lb
001275Basic Muffin Mix (All Purpose)6/5 Lb
001350Splenda P.C. Packets2000/1 Gram
001458All Purpose H&R Flour2/25 Lb
001581Quick Oats12/42 Oz
001582Quick Grits12/2.5
002253Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix6/5 Lb

Jellies, Jams & Honey

Jams And Honey

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000197Honey Pure Jugs6/5 Lb
000957Assorted P/C Jelly Smuckers200/1/2 Oz
000961Grape P/C Jelly Smuckers200/1/2 Oz
000962Strawberry Jam P/C Smuckers200/1/2 Oz
001220Kraft P/C Honey200/packs
001267Orange Marmalade P/C Smuckers200/1/2 Oz
001462Pure Grape Jelly6/4 Lb
001532Strawberry Preserves6/4 Lb

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaners - All Purpose

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000203Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent4/1 Gal
000246Spic & Span Pwdr.W/Bleach 45/245/2.2 Oz
000316Machine Dish Washing Pwdr 50lb1/50 Lb
000466Hand Dishwash Powder Pan Dandy0/50 Lb
000467Powderless Gloves Large Vinyl1/100
000493Bleach 6%6/gallon
001101Oven & Grill Cleaner Puglisi4/1 Gal
001106Poc Pink Liquid Dish Detergent4/1 Gal
001241Pine Disinfectant Lemon Scent4/1 Gal
001250Heavy Duty Degreaser4/1 Gal
0012543m Niagara Griddle Screen1/10
001372#32 8 Ply Wide Cotton Mop1/1 Piece
001373Medium Green Nylon Pad #961/10 Pack
001412Clear Ammonia4/1 Gal
001414Stainless Steel Scrubber1/12 Pack
001415Grill Bricks1/12 Pack
001497Medium Vinyl Gloves Powderless1/100
001503Large Plastic Disposable Glove1/500
001721X-Large Vinyl Gloves Powderless1/100


Pickles And Olives

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000212Sauerkraut Super Pack6/#10 Can
000233Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers4/1 Gal
000240Banana Peppers Sliced Hot4/1 Gal
000260Giardinera4/1 Gal
000262Pickle Chips Fresh Smooth Cut 5 Gal1/5 Gal
000263Pickle Chips Crinkle Cut4/1 Gal
000264Sweet Pepper Strips Red & Gree4/1 Gal
000268Cosmo Roasted Peppers6/#10 Can
000276Mancini Roasted Peppers12/48 Oz
000338Sliced Jalapeno Peppers4/1 Gal
000454Pickle Spears 300 Ct Green Top1/5 Gal
000457Crinkle Cut Pickle 827 Yellow1/5 Gal
000517Whole Pickle 180 Count1/5 Gal
000944Sweet Relish4/1 Gal
000984Horse Radish6/32 Oz
001239521 Whole Pickle 60/65 Grey Top1/5 Gal
001240522 Whole Pickle 45/55 Blue Top1/5 Gal
001268Patriot #544 Sauerkraut1/5 Gal
001269720 Whole Pickle 30/351/2 Gal
001741B & G Kosher Dill Pickles4/1 Gal
001841Kalamata Pitted Large1/10 Kg



Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000236Cranberry Juice Cocktail8/64 Oz
000323Sacramento Tomato Juice 12/46 Oz12/46 Oz
000732Pineapple Juice 12/46 Oz12/46 Oz
000743Apple Juice Plastic8/48 Oz
002057V8 Vegetable Juice12/46 Oz


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
001030Spring Water Gallons (35)6/1 Gal
001635Spring Water 20 Oz Sport Cap(70)24/20 Oz
001636Spring Water 1 Litre (65)12/1 Liter
001637Spring Water 1.5 Liter(52)12/1.5 Ltr
001644Poland Spring Water 24oz24/24.00
002080Spring Water Sport 24 Oz (50)24/24 Oz
002240Loose .5 Ltr Spring Water (84)24/.5 Ltr
003004Spring Water 8 Oz (90)32/8 Oz.

Paper Products

Containers And Cups

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
0002826" Hinged Paper Cont Ehl-66 2/250
0003138 Oz Trans Deli Container1/500
000314Lid For 8, 16, 32 Oz Deli Cont1/500
000354Large Paper 3 Comp Cont Ehl-93200/9 X 9
00037610.25" Foam Plate 10pwq4/125
000378Knife White Plastic Med.Wt.K6b1/1000
000379Fork White Plastic Med.Wt. F6b1/1000
000380Teaspoon White Med. Wt S6bw1/1000
000381Soup Spoon White Med.Wt. Su6bw1/1000
00047716 Oz Trans Deli Container1/500
0013522 Oz Plastic Portion Cup B2001/2500
0013532 Oz Portion Lid 55942500/2 Oz
001360Large Paper 1 Comp. Ehl91 200/9 X 9
00136932 Oz Trans Deli Container1/500
001440Paper Pop-Up Carry Out Tray250/trays
00144916 Oz Foam Cup 16j161/1000
00145016 Oz Styro Hot Lid 16ftl1/1000
0014686" Lace Doilies0/6"
00147812 Oz Paper Soup Cont.W/Lid 25250/12 Oz
00147916 Oz Paper Soup Cont.W/Lid 25250/16 Oz
0015289 1/4" Paper Hinge Cont Ehl-961/200
001547Molded 4-Cup Carry Out Flurry300/trays
001706Forks Individualy Wraped0/pieces
00178510 Oz Maui Hot Cup 10hd70/1
00178616 Oz Maui Paper Hot Cup 16hdc0/1
00178720 Oz Maui Paper Hot Cup 20hdc0/1
001788Maui Lid High Gourmet Hg1/1000
001789Maui Hot Cup Flat Lid 16ht0/1
00188812 Oz Maui Paper Hot Cup 12hdq0/1


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
0003176 Lb Grocery Bag1/500
00031816 Lb Grocery Bag500/16 Lb
000470Produce Bags 12"x20" (4 Rolls)4/900
000516Heavy Trash Bags 55 Gal1/100
000609Heavy Trash Bags 33 Gal1/100
000610Heavy Trash Bags 45 Gal1/100
0013561/6 Grocery Bag500/1/6
00135825 Lb Grocery Bag500/25 Lb
0014551/6 Plastic T-Shirt Bag1/
0014644 Lb Grocery Bag500/4 Lb
0014768"x4"x18" Clear Poly Bag0/8x4x18"
0014818 Lb Grocery Bag500/8 Lb
00148210 Lb Grocery Bag500/10 Lb
00148312 Lb Grocery Bag500/12 Lb
00148620 Lb Grocery Bag500/20 Lb
0015066"x1.1"x7" Wet Wax Sandwich Ba0/6x1x7"
00155010.5"x8.5" Deli Pouch Zip Lock1000/10.5x8.
00158812 Lb White Grocery Bag1/500
0016928 Lb White Grocery Bag500/8 Lb
001701Trash Bag 13 Gal500/13 Gal
0017484 Lb White Grocery Bag500/4 Lb
0017496 Lb White Grocery Bag500/6 Lb
00175010 Lb White Grocery Bag500/10 Lb
00175120 Lb White Grocery Bag500/20 Lb

Paper Supplies

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000397Wax Paper 6x10.75 Midget1/500
000398Wax Paper 12x10.75 Master1/500
000399Wax Paper 15x10.75 Jumbo1/500
0004737 3/4" Jumbo Straws Wrapped1/2000
00049618" Butcher Paper White1/roll
00049715" Butcher Paper White1/roll
000818Wax Paper 8x10.75 Junior1/500
001174Centerpull Towell Large #281246/600
001333G6000 Guest Check W/Carbon 2pr50/2 Part
001351Toilet Tissue Ovation/Main I.W96/500 Sht
001363Natural Brown Hardwnd Towel12/350 Ft
001365Tall Fold Disp Napkin #75004381/10000
001366Luncheon Napkin #356246/1000
001409Club Frill 4.25" Picks R8121/1000
001441Beverage Napkin 1 Ply4/1000
001444Low Fold Napkin 094001/8000
001445Dinner Napkin Bella20/1
001456Multifold Towel Natural #210408/sheets
001466Household Paper Towel 2 Ply30/70 Shts
001467Kitchen Towel 2 Ply 12/Cs 210 Ct12/210
001509Wax Paper 10x10.75 Senior1/500 Sht
001578Jr. Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue12/1000 Ft
001656Pan Liner Quilon 16 X 241/1000

Film And Foil

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
00104412" Clear Film 9101/2000'
00104518" Clear Film 9141/2000'
00104618" Aluminum Foil Standard 6151/500'
00104712" Alum. Foil Standard 6111/1000'
00104812 " Pop Up Foil Sheets 7211/200 Sht
001507Cushion Foil Sandwich Wrap2/500

Container Clear Hinge Lid

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
0011866" Hinged Paper Container500/6 X 6



Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000297Chocolate Syrup Ny4/1 Gal
000464Vanilla Syrup (Clear) Ny4/1 Gal
000915Mrs.Butterworth Pancake Syrup4/1 Gal
000953Smucker Pancake Syrup P.C.100/1.4 Oz
000954Pancake & Waffle Syrup Imitation4/1 Gal
001646Smucker Sugar Fr. Syrup Bottle12/14.5.oz

Canned Goods

Canned Goods

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000327Apples Sliced In Water6/#10 Can
000479Cut Green Beans 6/#10 Can
000708Mashed Potatoes Complete6/#10 Can
000777Clam Juice12/#5 Cans
000778Chopped Clams12/#5 Cans
000833Mild Cheddar Cheese Sauce6/#10 Can
000983Solid White Tuna6/66.5 Oz
000997Lite Skip Jack Tuna6/66.5 Oz
000998Lite Tongol Tuna6/66.5 Oz
001032Whole Potato 60-80 Count6/#10 Can
001085Garbanzo Beans6/#10 Can
001086Dark Red Kidney Beans6/#10 Can
001097Sliced Irish Potato6/#10 Can
001137Cannellini Beans (White Kidney)6/#10 Can
002079Bush Vegetarian Baked Beans6/#10 Can

Gravies, Bases & Sauces

Gravies, Bases & Sauces

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000356095 Chicken Base 12/1 Lb12/1 Lb
000357095 Beef Base 12/1 Lb12/1 Lb
000358Standard Frnkl Col Chicken Base1/30 Lb
000374Brown Gravy12/#5 Cans
000375Turkey Gravy12/#5 Cans
000446Beef Stock Au Jus12/#5 Cans
000447Chicken Gravy12/#5 Cans
000599Cocktail Sauce 4/1 Gallon4/1 Gal
000723Hollandaise Sauce Mix4/1.5 Lb
000770Beef Flavor Gravy Mix8/1 Lb
001017Tabasco Pepper Sauce 24/2 Oz.24/2 Oz
001146Frank's Orig Red Hot Sauce4/1 Gal
001651Open Pit Barbecue Sauce 4/1 Ga4/1 Gal
002049Cream Soup Base6/25.22 Z

Butter, Margarine & Blends

Butter & Butter Blends

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000501Breakstone Whip Butter Cup 12/8 Oz12/8 Oz
000505Butter Chips6/5 Lb
000512Grassland Butter 1/436/1 Lb
000520Grassland Butter Solid36/1 Lb
000525Grassland Sweet Butter Solid 36/1 Lb
000532Whipped Tub Butter 5 Lb2/5 Lb
000535Bulk Butter Salted 25 Kilo1/25 Kilo
000545Continental Butter Chips 47 Ct1/17 Lb
000546Continental Butter Chips 59/Ct1/17 Lb
000555Butter Cups Whipped1/8 Lb
000704Alpine Butter Blend Trans Free30/1 Lb
000715Whipped Butter Blend6/4 Lb


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000600Margarine Solids Trans Free30/1 Lb
000605Margarine Bulk1/50 Lb

Salad Dressings


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000711Honey Dijon Dressing4/1 Gal
000942Italian Dressing4/1 Gal
000947French Dressing4/1 Gal
000948Creamy Italian Dressing4/1 Gal
000949Russian Dressing4/1 Gal
000950Blue Cheese Chunky Dressing4/1 Gal
000951Tartar Sauce4/1 Gal
000956Ranch Dressing4/1 Gal
001856Hellmanns Creamy Caesar 4/1 Gal4/1 Gal
001877Hellmanns Honey Mustard Dressing4/1 Gal
002001Lite Italian Dressing4/1 Gal
003041Miracle Whip Dressing4/1 Gal

Oils & Shortenings

Oils & Shortenings

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000727Lo-Melt Grill Shortening6/6 Lb
000731Clear Oil Pan Spray6/14 Oz
000916Pan & Grill Oil1/35 Lb
000917Whirl3/1 Gal
000920Fry-N-Fry Canola Fry1/35 Lb
000921Creamy Liquid Fry Trans Free1/35 Lb
000923Frymax 35 Lb1/35 Lb
000926Canola Oil 35 Lb1/35 Lb
000935Clear Liquid Fry 35# Trans Free1/35 Lb
000936Soybean Oil 35 Lb1/35 Lb
000937Corn Oil 35 Lb1/35 Lb
000943Divo 10% Blended Oil6/1 Gal

Tomato Products

Tomato Products

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000729Hunt's Ketchup 6/#106/#10 Can
000753Heinz Vol Pack Ketchup1/3 Gal
000754Heinz Ketchup 6/#106/#10 Can
000758Full Red Fancy Tomato Sauce6/#10 Can
000759Valoroso Wh Peeled Heavy Juice6/#10 Can
000820Red Gold P/C Ketchup0/9 Grams
000978Full Red Tomato Paste6/#10 Can
000979Alta Cucina Wh.Peeled Plum Tom6/#10 Can
000982Full Red Marinara Sauce6/#10 Can
000987Suzy Bell Tomato Puree6/#10 Can
000990Full Red Pizza Sauce6/#10 Can
0009917-11 Crushed Tomatoes6/#10 Can
000993Saporito Filetto Di Pomodoro6/#10 Can
000994Tomato Magic Ground Tomatoes6/#10 Can
001061Saporito Super Hvy Pizza Sauce6/#10 Can
001264Heinz Bell Orto Whole Peeled6/#10 Can


Misc. Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000740Domestic Swiss 4 X 4 Sandwich6/4x4
000816Sorrento Provolone Splits6/6 Lb
000828Mild Cheddar Print Yellow1/10 Lb
000832Crumbled Blue Cheese4/5 Lb
000840Monterey Jack Print1/10 Lb
001015Feta Cheese2/8 Lb
001147Hot Pepper Jack Prints1/10 Lb


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000781Heavy Cream 40%12/1 Quart
000782Half & Half Quarts12/1 Quart
000959Half & Half Creamers 3/8300/3/8 Oz
001016Whip Cream Cans 24%12/15 Oz
002247Hazelnut Creamers Coffeemate180/.38 Oz
002248French Vanilla Creamers Cofemt180/.38 Oz
002249Irish Cream Creamers Coffeemat180/.38 Oz

Cream Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000791Philly Soft Cream Cheese 8 Oz12/8 Oz
000799Level Valley Soft Cream Cheese2/5 Lb
000806Neufchatel Lite Cream Cheese6/3 Lb
000807Level Valley Loaf Cream Cheese10/3 Lb
000811Philadephia 3 Lb Loaf Cream Cheese6/3 Lb
000812Philly Whip Cream Cheese 8 Oz12/8 Oz
000815Philadelphia Bulk Cream Cheese1/30 Lb
000817Philadelphia Whip Cream Cheese6/3 Lb
000835P.C. Philly Cream Cheese Cups100/1 Oz

American Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000802Yellow American 120 Slice4/5 Lb
000803White American 126 Slice4/5 Lb
000804Yellow American 160 Slice4/5 Lb


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000809Sorrento Mozzarella (Wm)8/5 Lb

Ricotta Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000824Impastata2/10 Lb
000830Ricotta Whole Milk 3 Lb Cn1/3 Lb

Shreds And Grated Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000825Grated Parm 5lbs Pisa4/5 Lb
000829Shredded Cheddar4/5 Lb
000831Shredded Sorrento Mozzarella W6/5 Lb
000842Shredded Monterrey Jack4/5 Lb
001012Cheddar Jack Blend Feather Shred4/5 Lb
001640Grated Pecorino Romano Milano4/5 Lb

Sour Cream

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000955Daisy Sour Cream 8 Oz 12/8 Oz
000964Sour Cream4/5 Lb
000968Daisy Sour Cream 16 Oz12/16 Oz
000970Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream 16/14 Oz16/14 Oz
000985Daisy Light Sour Cream 16 Oz12/16 Oz
000988Daisy French Onion Dip 16 Oz6/16 Oz
000989Daisy Ranch Dip 16 Oz 6/16 Oz

Cottage Cheese

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000960Cottage Cheese 2% Low Fat6/24 Oz
0009634% Cottage Cheese6/24 Oz
000971Cottage Cheese 4% 4/5#4/5 Lb
000972Cottage Cheese 2% 4/5#4/5 Lb
000973Cottage Cheese 4% Twin Packs6/10.6 Oz
000974Cottage Cheese 4% Pineapple12/6 Oz
000975Cottage Cheese 4% Strawberry12/6 Oz
000976Cottage Cheese 4% Blueberry 12/6 Oz
000977Cottage Cheese 4% Peaches 12/6 Oz


Wine And Vinegars

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000930Balsamic Vinegar2/5 Liter
000931Marsala Cooking Wine4/1 Gal
000932White Cooking Wine4/1 Gal
000933Sherry Cooking Wine4/1 Gal
000980Viva Red Vinegar4/1 Gal
000981Vinegar White4/1 Gal
001144Cider Vinegar4/1 Gal


Item #DescriptionPack/Size
000939Mayonnaise Hellmanns 4/1 Gal4/1 Gal
000941P/C Mayonnaise Hellmanns200/packs
000945Mike's Amazing Ex.Heavy Mayo 4/14/1 Gal
000946Mayonnaise Squre Tub Mike's Amazing1/4 Gal

Pasta & Doughs

Dry Pasta

Item #DescriptionPack/Size
001665Elbow Heavy Wall Pasta1/20 Lb
001670Linguine Pasta20/1 Lb
001685Penne Rigate Pasta20/1 Lb
001690Rigatoni20/1 Lb
002059Elbow Pasta #3520/1 Lb
002061Ditalini/Small Salad Macaroni20/1 Lb
002063Capellini/Angel Hair Pasta20/1 Lb
002069Fettuccine Pasta20/1 Lb
002070Spaghetti Pasta20/1 Lb